Risk and Return. The stakes are always high in real estate investments. That’s why real estate analysis and appraisal services are always critical. The MAI designation behind an appraiser’s name stands for advanced knowledge; years of proven, real-life real estate valuation experience; and for a commitment to strict professional ethics and standards.

As an experienced real estate appraiser and an MAI member of the Appraisal Institute, I have acquired an ideal blend of professional training and education that can help clients adapt and thrive in today’s market.

My designated membership in the Appraisal Institute, the leader in real estate appraisal education and professional membership programs, grants me access to a nationwide network of knowledgeable peers and ongoing education covering the latest industry developments.

Working with an MAI designated member of the Appraisal Institute can give you a significant competitive edge. MAI designated appraisers are uniquely qualified by the rigorous education and experience requirements of the Appraisal Institute.